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 Tractor Trailer AC Repair Products from Hose Help Inc.


Buy Lok prep Sealant


If you repair air-conditioning in a big rig, then  you might want to consider our Lokring Products.

American Lokring is a certified General Motors part and is used frequently by many dealers all over the world.

Lokring Tube-Connection Technology represents a proven method of producing a hermetically sealed Metal-To-Metal tube connection.

The Lokring tube connectors are used in the automotive air-conditioning, refrigeration and appliance industries.

American Lokring has several hundred other connectors, besides the 5 connectors that GM uses, that can be used to make your job easier, more economical and more profitable!

This state of the art system involves no brazing or welding needed for:

Tube-to-Tube, Hose-to-Tube or Hose-to-Hose, Charge and Suction Ports. Available in 90deg, 45deg and dead heads. Also all available in reduced barrier sizes.

Please see our Lokring Products demonstration videos. To order our products from the best hose shop in Harrisburg or to answer any questions, please call our office at Hose Help Inc. 1-800-919-4673.




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