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Mobile ac hose repair


Mobile A/C Hose Repair Products

Buy Lok prep Sealant

-What We Do

    The quick and secure way to build or repair A/C hose and tubing assemblies for the Vehicle air-conditioning Industry.

If you are in the Vehicle A/C Hose and Fittings Repair industry and are NOT using American Lokring products and techniques, you are losing out to those who are!

Using American Lokring products can increase your ability to repair over 90 percent of any vehicle a/c hose and tubing assembly currently on the market. So stop losing money because you can only make hoses with hose and fittings alone.
These GM Certified Repair Components are state of the art in vehicle air conditioning repair.
    See our videos on our home page for a brief demonstration of this state of the art technology.

If you would like to know more on how it works, just call the Toll Free number now! 1-800-919-4673

You can also access our Products page to see what we have available to you.


Hose Help Incorporated

2771 Paxton Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111
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Vehicle A/C Hose Repair Phoenix




automobile air-conditioning hose and fittings repair kit
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Entrance to shop is in the rear of building on the lower level of the parking lot.


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