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Buy Lokring Products

Hose Help Inc. is a wide-range supplier of Lokring Fittings and AC Hose Products.

We have a wide range of Lokring A/C products for repairing over 90% of any vehicle's air-conditioning hose and tube assembly, including: Tools, Lok Prep, Fittings, Cutters, Etc.

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See our Videos on how to easily use our state of the art Lokring products on practically any vehicle's ac hose and tube assembly.




More about Lokring 

Improved Safety / Tamper proof

 LOKRING is designed as a permanent joint.
Risk of fire or explosion due to hot work is eliminated.

No fumes or smoke are produced, eliminating the need for special ventilation and creating a safer environment particularly in confined spaces.

No hazardous materials are used in the process, created by the process or required to be disposed of after the process is complete.

No welding or grinding is required thus reducing the potential for injuries.

Repeatable, Reliable Connections

Low Overhead – Tooling is Inexpensive



LOKRING fittings can be consistently installed in the field at a rate of approximately 10 times faster than equivalent weld connections.
LOKRING fittings can be installed in any weather conditions, indoors or outdoors, with no loss of productivity.

The quality of the system is “designed into” the fitting – independent of the installer.
Your authorized LOKRING representative, LOKRING Technology, and our Limited Lifetime Warranty stand behind every LOKRING connection.

Tooling is inexpensive and lightweight, power requirements are minimal; no need for pipe threading, purging, flushing or welding equipment.
Field fabrication greatly reduces the need for expensive isometric drawings and shop pre-fabrication expenses.

Fabrication of piping systems utilizing LOKRING fittings are “intrinsically” safe since no torches, open flames or sparks are associated with installation or maintenance.

Lower Installed Costs

A combination of productivity and reliability, coupled with low overhead and low rework, result in lower overall installed cost and accelerated job completion.

Improved Productivity and Job Scheduling

The LOKRING system requires only a minimum of skill to install and maintain a leak-free system the first time.

To view pricing and/or order products you can visit our Product Site or call our Toll Free at:  1-800-919-4673


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